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Who will be the Kentucky Derby 2012 Winner?

News May 3, 2012

Well here is the field for the Kentucky Derby 2012.

Kentucky Derby 2012 Winner - The Field


1 1 Daddy Long Legs O’Donoghue C O’Brien Aidan P 126 LA 30-1

Winner of the 2012 Dubai World Cup! Seems to be an outsider in the United States.
The last outing in the USA was at the Breeders Cup Juvenile, where this horse ran 12th.

Watch the Breeders Cup juvenile race here.

View Horse Chart here.
2 2 Optimizer Court J K Lukas D Wayne 126 LA 50-1

Lukas is very unpredictable, although this horse came 9th in its last race the Arkansas Derby.
View Optimizer’s Chart here.

3 3 Take Charge Indy Borel C H Byrne Patrick B 126 L 15-1

This horse can win, but will be probably be overbet. Winner of the Florida Derby.
Watch the Florida Derby Prep race win here.

4 4 Union Rags Leparoux J R Matz Michael R 126 LA 9-2

Union rags is getting a lot of support online and offline at the moment.
This is a very nice horse with plenty of style.
Watch Union Rags’ win in the Fountain of Youth

5 5 Dullahan Desormeaux K J Romans Dale 126 LA 8-1

Dullahan could go well on Derby day, but it does seem to some that this horse is better suited for the turf.
Find out more about Dullahan here.

Watch the Kentucky Blue Grass Takes win here.

6 6 Bodemeister Smith M E Baffert Bob 126 LA 4-1

Bodemeister, is one of the top picks in this years Kentucky Derby, and there is reason for this…
Trained by Bob Baffert, with Mike Smith aboard this horse won the Arkansas Derby.
Watch the Arkansas derby here.

7 7 Rousing Sermon Lezcano J Hollendorfer Jerry 126 LA 50-1

Could be a complete shock to everyone, capable of anything on the day.
Find out more about Rousing Sermon here.

8 8 Creative Cause Rosario J Harrington Mike 126 L 12-1
Find out all about Creative Cause here.
The past performances have some being reminded of Giacomo

9 9 Trinniberg Martinez W Parboo Bisnath 126 L 50-1

Outsider, but anything is possible. Find out more here.

10 10 Daddy Nose Best Gomez G K Asmussen Steven M 126 LA 15-1

Could do with more speed, tactically speaking…
Find out more here. 

11 11 Alpha Maragh R McLaughlin Kiaran P 126 LA 15-1

Godolphin horse dealing with some issues, still a threat.
Find out more about Alpha here.
Watch his race in the Wood Memorial

12 12 Prospective Contreras L Casse Mark 126 L 30-1

Can win with the right day…
Find out more about him here. 

13 13 Went the Day Well Velazquez J R Motion H Graham 126 Blk-On LA 20-1

This horse could get the betting behind it, due to its connections.
Find out more about this horse here. 

14 14 Hansen Dominguez R A Maker Michael J 126 LA 10-1

Could lose his 2nd or better running streak in this race.
Watch his second in the Blue Grass 

15 15 Gemologist Castellano J J Pletcher Todd A 126 LA 6-1

Pletcher won 2010 Kentucky Derby with Super Saver, could repeat with this one.
PDF Download Past Performances

Watch him win the Resports World Casino NYC Wood Memorial 

16 16 El Padrino Bejarano R Pletcher Todd A 126 LA 20-1

This horse has been ignored since the Florida Derby.
Could make a show or better on the day.

Find out more here. 

17 17 Done Talking Russell S Smith Hamilton A 126 LA 50-1

Some say Done Talking could pull a Mine That Bird.

Find out more here. 

18 18 Sabercat Nakatani C S Asmussen Steven M 126 LA 30-1

Find out about this horse here.

19 19 I’ll Have Another Gutierrez Mario O’Neill Doug 126 LA 12-1

Dealing with some back issues, will be hard to trust as needs shockwave therapy
Find out more about here. 

20 20 Liaison Garcia M Baffert Bob 126 Blk-On LA 50-1

Could be better on the Synthetic surface.

Find out more here. 

21 AE My Adonis Trujillo E Breen Kelly J 126 LA 50-1

Has had many chances.

6 Responses to “Who will be the Kentucky Derby 2012 Winner?”

  1. ニースポスト。硬い異なるブログに毎日私はたくさんいくつかのことを学びます。他の作家から| コンテンツ素材コンテンツをとそれらの店で、特定のものを採用することは、常にあなたがちょうど読んで刺激されます。あなたが気にしないかどうかを| ウェブログ自分で| コンテンツ素材コンテンツ を利用すること私は、特定の適用することを選ぶだろう。 インターネットブログ| あなたの個人的な独自の上のリンクNatually私はオファーます。 たくさんのおかげで共有。言うする必要が

  2. 、あなたが実際にしたい場合は、あなたがあなた自身のこの仮説を取得することを言えば十分。

  3. あなたがしている 非常に説得力の作家。 投稿記事 あなたの中にあなたに私はこれを見ることができます。説得力のある書き込みの方法あなたが持っている データ火花かなりその関心。

  4. ありがとう。あなたによって停止させるための| ブログウェ私がしたものを得るために私を助けました。

  5. 私たちはそれがどのように動作するか知っています。私のPOVから、極端な低バック版のように見えますが、アイブ氏は、1を使ったことがないので、私はあなたの考えを知っていただきたいと思います。そこに固体のブログ、ウェブサイトやレイアウトちょっと

  6. – 私は確信してあなたのサイトで驚いています、と言わなければなりません。私は、すべてのタブを介してナビゲートは問題がありませんでしたとの情報がへのアクセスを得るために、実際に簡単でした。私は全くの時間で必要なものを発見しました。本当に素晴らしいです。

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